Peckham Rye Park, London SE15

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Address and postcode: Peckham Rye Park and Common, Southwark, London SE15 4JR (approximate postcode)

Nearest station: Peckham Rye Common Station


“Great British” weather – snow on London’s streets

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A 100-mile Arctic weather front confronts London with snow. A light dusting of snow was the beginning, with more to come, affecting everyday life and travel.

"Great British" weather
“Great British” weather

More about snow in London

“White and red post box” – snow in London

London streets are affected by snow

Snow below a leaden London sky

A typical English Sunday in the park minus the picnic


A debt of honour: The Memorial Gates, London, UK

Appealing: Poppies in London

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Commonwealth Memorial Gates, Constitution Hill, London


The Memorial Gates are situated on the Hyde Park Corner end of Constitution Hill. Inaugurated in 2002, they honour millions of servicemen and women.

Nearest Underground Station: Hyde Park Corner Station


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Remembering those killed on the Woolworths site during the Second World War

Detail of the bomber memorial near Green Park

The Euston War Memorial

November trees in London, UK

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Spring in London: Horse-chestnut trees in bloom

Trees upside down in the grounds of the Imperial War Museum, London

Seasons in London: The stage of cherry development in June

Not a mediterranean setting: Sandy beaches in London

Royal parks month by month: St James’s Park in October


Early signs of autumn at Chelsea Bridge Wharf, London

Tree surgeons at work in London



Seasons in London, UK: Victoria Embankment Gardens in autumn

London, UK, images; flora and fauna in London; seasonal change of deciduous trees; autumn; October


The history of Victoria Embankment Gardens


Something different? “Change your life” in London

Observing the seasonal progress of deciduous trees in London: Trees in full bloom


Opening hours of the Victoria Embankment Gardens


“Shadows of bare branches in Southwark”, London


Seasons in London, UK: Roses going strong at the end of September

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Seasons in London, UK: A rose bush in early autumn
Seasons in London, UK: A rose bush in early autumn

St George’s Day on The Mall, London

Seasons in London: St James’s Park in summer

Features of Dulwich Park, South East London