Mount Pleasant, London WC1

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Streets in London, UK: Mount Pleasant
Streets in London: Mount Pleasant

Postcode: Mount Pleasant, London WC1 0AE

Nearby streets and places: Elm Street, Gray’s Inn Road, Rosebery Avenue, Clerkenwell Road, Pooles Buildings, Laystall Street, Gough Street, Coley Street, Calthorpe Street, Farringdon Road; Panther House, Redbrick Studios, Mount Pleasant Studio, Mount Pleasant Hostel Camden, Mount Pleasant Car Park, Mount Pleasant Post Office, Mail Sorting Office

Nearest Underground Station: Chancery Lane Station


Bus route 173 from King George Hospital to Beckton Station in London, UK

London, UK, images; travel, tourism, living and working in London, commuting; public transport; directions, connection, schedule; Underground, overground, National Rail, station, bus stops; direct route; bus route 173 from King George Hospital to Beckton Station and vice versa

Public transport in London, UK
Public transport in London, UK

Bus route 173: King George Hospital – Chadwell Heath – Beacontree Heath – Dagenham Heathway Station – Alfred’s Way – Beckton Station

Seasons in London, UK: Victoria Embankment Gardens in autumn

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The history of Victoria Embankment Gardens


Something different? “Change your life” in London

Observing the seasonal progress of deciduous trees in London: Trees in full bloom


Opening hours of the Victoria Embankment Gardens


“Shadows of bare branches in Southwark”, London


Great Peter Street, London SW1

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Streets in London, UK: Great Peter Street
Streets in London: Great Peter Street

Postcode: Great Peter Street, Westminster, London SW1P

Nearby streets and places: Millbank, Great College Street, Barton Street, Little College Street, Cowley Street, Tufton Street, Great Smith Street, Marsham Street, St Ann’s Street, Monck Street, Elizabeth Court, Horseferry Road, Greycoat Place; North Court, Quirinale Italian Restaurant, (EAT), Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders SMMT, Taylor Wimpey Great Peter Street

Nearest Underground Station: Victoria Station, Westminster Station 

Seasons in London, UK: River Thames in autumn

London, UK, images; seasons in London; River Thames in autumn

Seasons in London, UK: River Thames in autumn
Seasons in London, UK: River Thames in autumn

Watching lifeboats on the River Thames

Seasons in London: The stage of cherry development in June

Autumn; flora and fauna; seasonal change of trees; changes in the colour of deciduous trees; overhanging branches; River Thames in October

Not a mediterranean setting: Sandy beaches in London

Royal parks month by month: Green Park in September