London, UK: Kennington/Oval Cricket Ground public map and street finder

Connections to/from Oval Underground Station

Surrey v Kent – The Oval Cricket Ground in London

London, UK, images; South East London, London Borough of Lambeth, Kennington Oval

Kennington Road Post Office, Oval Cricket Ground, nearest bus stop, nearest Underground Station, National Rail, Cycle Hire, public street map

Public information point in London, UK: Kennington Road
Public information point in London, UK: Kennington Road

Nearby streets: Bolton Crescent – Bowden Street – Bowling Green Street – Brixton Road – Camberwell New Road – Clayton Street – Cleaver Square – Cleaver Street – Cook’s Road – Cranmer Road – De Laune Street – Doddington Place – Harleyford Street – Harmsworth Street – Kennington Lane – Kennington Oval – Kennington Park Gardens – Kennington Park Place – Kennington Park Road – Kennington Road – Magee Street – Meadcroft Road – Methley Street – Milverton Street – Montford Place – Otto Street – Pegasus Place – Prima Road – Radcot Street – Ravensdon Street – Royal Road – St Agnes Place – Stannary Street – Vauxhall Street – Wigton Place

Nearby places: (within five minutes walking distance): Brandon Library – Henry Fawcett Primary School and Children’s Centre – Kennington Park Children’s Centre – Post Office – St Agnes Church – St Mark’s Church

Nearest Underground Station: Oval

Nearest National Rail Station: Vauxhall


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