“Opened to the general public in 1826” – London’s Green Park

Once a store for confiscated bicycles: Duck Island Cottage, St James’s Park

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Nearest Underground Station: Green Park Station

Green Park in May
Green Park in May

• Location: Green Park; London SW1, Constitution Hill, Piccadilly, The Mall, Queen Victoria Memorial, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park Corner, Queen’s Walk

Crossing from Green Park to Piccadilly
Crossing from Green Park to Piccadilly

• “A brief history of the Green Park

1554 – The Park was first recorded when Sir Thomas Wyatt led a rebellion in protest against the marriage of Mary I to Philip II of Spain

1668 – The land was enclosed by Charles II, stocked with deer and provided with a ranger’s house. It was known as Upper St James’s Park

1746 – Upper St James’s Park became officially known as The Green Park

1826 – The Park was opened to the general public

1827 – John Nash re-landscaped the Park as part of alterations to St James’s Park. Trees were planted for the first time. Constitution Hill was straightened to make a processional route into the Mall outside Buckingham Palace

1994 – The memorial to Canadian soldiers was added to remember people who served in the two world wars

2002 – The Queen inaugurated a war memorial next to Constitution Hill, dedicated to five million personnel in the services from the Indian Sub-Continent, Africa and the Caribbean” (from a public information point in Green Park)

Looking comfortable here: Swans in Hyde Park

Created in Victorian times: Victoria Tower Gardens

Bridges over the River Thames in London: Westminster Bridge


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